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Water Conflicts in Kyrgyzstan

Water scarcity is omnipresent in the developing world. Today, 768 million people lack access to safe drinking water worldwide. And in Central Asia, a growing population and water-hungry resource extraction industries have made the problem even worse.

Photographer Fyodor Savintsev documents the mountainous landscape, crumbling Soviet irrigation system and new Russian-backed energy infrastructure of Kyrgyzstan, a country at the center of water conflicts that threaten to engulf Central Asia in the coming years. | Read More

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Kazuyoshi Nomachi

1- Nuba, Sudan

2- Atbara, Sudan

3- Dallol, Ethiopia

4- Ruwenzori, Uganda

5- Lake Abbe, Djibouti

6- Lake Natron, Tanzania

7- Amhara, Ethiopia

8- Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

9- Dallol, Ethiopia

10- Ruwenzori, Uganda

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These color photographs were all taken in the Russian Empire between 1909 and 1918. 

Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii was a Russian photographer born in 1863. After studying chemistry with Mendeleev and later with Adolf Miethe, Gorskii started developing his own techniques and processes of color photography, giving it a quality that impresses even today.
In 1909, he convinced the Tsar Nicolas II to send him on a trip across the Russian Empire to document its impressive diversity. It was a 10-year project, during which Gorskii took over 10,000 pictures.

The diversity of the people, and the shockingly modern colors of their portraits, make them impossible to forget. They are our contemporaries, now that they stopped hiding between the unfocused black-and-whiteness.

They are almost too present. [via

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Jessica Stoller

Jessica Stoller is a sculptor based out of New York who specializes in ceramics and porcelain. She has received her MFA at the Cranbrook Art Academy and a BFA from College for Creative Studies. Stoller has exhibited her work in numerous shows throughout the US and in Berlin, Germany.

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